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Disco Raja (2020) DVDScr Full Movie Watch Online Free

Disco Raja (2020) DVDScr Full Movie

Disco Raja (2020) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free

Directed by: Vi Anand
Starring: Ravi Teja, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh
Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
India country
Language: Telugu

  • The story of the film begins by showing a research team that gives life to a dead man. He is none other than Disco Raj, who has a feared past with Sethu. Upon knowing his flashback, Disco Raja starts looking for Sethu.

  • History: Vasu (Ravi Teja) disappears and his family is worried about him. It is said that he was found frozen in Ladakh by a team of scientists who lead Relive Biolab, who want to be pioneers in reviving the dead. Disco Raj (Ravi Teja) is a music lover gangster who has made some enemies in his time with his past on his heels. How do all these stories connect?
  • Comment: Vi Anand tries to do a lot to mask the fact that Disco Raja, when he strips to a minimum, is nothing more than a good gangster drama. Start the story with a massive dose of melodrama to make you think that this will be a heartbreaking film. Then change gears to Sci-Fi to make you believe that it has finally reached the point. There are also two love stories released largely before the film reaches the heart of the matter, the gangster drama that he intends to tell. But by then, you are beyond trying to understand what he is trying to do. Of course, when you think about it, the movie falls into the cross-gender category, but what happens when none of the genres you play manage to work? Disco Raja is what happens.
  • Vasu (Ravi Teja) has a massive family made up of orphans who have found mutual support. They and their girlfriend Nabha (Nabha Natesh) are asked to give up the hope of their return, but they remain optimistic even in melodramatically difficult times. A group of Relive Biolab scientists struck the gold when they found a frozen body in Ladakh and the chief, Dr. Sharma (Shishir), decided to turn it into his laboratory rat. The goal is to be a pioneer in beating death and Parineeti (Tanya Hope) is an unwilling participant. Then there is the gangster Burma Sethu (Bobby Simha) who suffers from PTSD and his biggest rival is still Disco Raja (Ravi Teja). A hitman (Naresh) follows in the footsteps of Vasu, sent by an unknown man. And when all these stories connect, what you get is a disaster.
  • Disco Raja gets into the heart of things from the beginning, which is good. But the way I saw Anand meanders, taking his sweet time to unravel each story as if it were the most important thing in the movie, begins to make you nervous after a while. Despite all the details it gives, it never really spends enough time to keep us interested in the characters we have in our hands. The "twists" remain predictable throughout the film and it is only in the end that it manages to surprise you. But by then it is too late. But there is a scene that involves Biryani chicken, Disco Raja and Burma Sethu that is going well.
  • Many actors in this movie are still wasted, whether Nabha Natesh, Bobby Simha, Naresh or Satya. Nabha Natesh's character can only be called a supporting role, since it is barely present in the film. Bobby Simha, Naresh or Satya never have the opportunity to take off with their characters. Tanya Hope gets a good enough role and fulfills; so do Payal Rajput and Vennela Kishore. At some point and in certain scenes, you feel that even Ravi Teja remains underutilized. But he manages to carry the film on his shoulders, giving everything, despite the poor quality material he offers. It is a pleasure to see it on the screen and, whatever happens, that will never change.
  • However, this movie's surprise package is (you'll never guess) Sunil. The actor offers a shocking performance like Uttara Kumar and you just have to watch the movie to believe it. Clearly, the actor is greatly underutilized in most other films and simply enjoys the role, playing it with a kind of joy that is hard to come by. Sunil demonstrates its versatility in this. Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography is also beautiful, as is Thaman S's background music, even if his music doesn't impress. Even a King Bappi Lahiri Disco song can't make things work. Abburi Ravi's dialogues are good enough, especially the capture lines that inject some senseless fun.
  • Disco Raja is a mix that is disappointed by the writings of Vi Anand. Despite choosing an interesting aspect on which to base his story, he falls into the trap of offering "entertainment" routinely. The accumulation of any of these stories is definitely not worth it.

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